Our staff possess extensive regional experience in water supply and wastewater disposal. Our water supply experience extends to both groundwater and surface water with respect to both new and existing supplies. Many of our largest projects and strongest client-service relationships have arisen in support of land development projects, county utilities and other public agencies throughout the entire Mid-Atlantic region. Our client services run the gamut of land and water resources evaluation, development and permitting projects. We use proven measures to plan, execute and verify the results of our supporting technical evaluations.

We possess considerable experience in well siting using fracture trace analysis and geophysical methods, drilling program design and management, aquifer pumping test design, execution and interpretation, mathematical modeling of hydrogeologic systems, and safe yield evaluations.

Our wastewater services include soil classification and suitability evaluations, percolation tests, spray and drip irrigation evaluations, infiltrometer tests, groundwater mounding calculations and nitrate loading assessments.

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